Gostown Paradise - Download Beta

Gostown 6 is a huge island with a city in sum, forests, beaches, Dotres island, which is why the mods called Paradise Gostown 6 . this mod aims in convertire Gostown 6 on RAGE engine, improvements are well expected forecasted, new building, new place, new island, all with a level of detail very close to GTAIV.

Topic FR : Here
GtaGarage: Here
GTAModding: Here

Team :
Rémi Germain : Terreur69/mimouch
Frédéric Marfa : Fredskin
Nick Kjellman : Nkjellman
Jessy Condette : Tanjes

What's done :
- Gostown Sandras all converted
- Detail city , shader and night windows
- Small island
- LOD 80% of the maps
- Collision of all maps
- Path streetcar
- path cars
- Script.img

what remains to be:
- Slod vegetationt(fix disappearance)
- way pedestrians (not posible)
- new building
 - new niko

Gameplay :