1978 Ford Fairmont - project, maybe dead...

Author of model: Driver
Author of converting in GTA SA: Driver
Author of converting in GTA IV:  Ross(poctik)
The history of the brand (Wikipedia)
Ford Fairmont in 1978 was the first model designed on the platform of Ford Fox, which has become in the future base for many other models, for example,as the Ford Thunderbird 1980-1988 years, the American Ford Granada 1981-1982, Mustang 1979-2004, and reduced Lincoln Continental in 1982. Ford Fairmont replaced themodel Ford Maverick and a lot took over from its equivalent - Mercury Zephyr.
The car was a last attempt to "Ford" to create in this class of vehicle, based on the classic designs and canons of the American automobile industry.Later models have increasingly been "westernized" to better meet the new standards of efficiency, sustainability and practicality.He had a "box" design, the base four-cylinder engine from the European Ford (2.3 liters), optional - row "Six" is 3.3 liters. (200 CID) or 255 and 302 cc V8,steering with a rack, interior with increased amounts of plastic and reduced chromium. The front suspensionis a hybrid, "McPherson" and the usual arm suspension - from the last there were only lowerlevers and springs and shock absorbers have been issued in the form of columns, as in the system of McPherson. Shock absorbers rear suspension were overtikaleny.

1978 Ford Fairmont (Sedan) - stock car

1978 Ford Fairmont - taxi  version

1978 Ford Fairmont - police version