GRID 2 - He's back in business!

It has been exactly five years from the output GRID, and he returned to conquer the hearts of lovers of cars, racing and adrenaline. GRID is back in business! 

Continuation of the famous racing simulator Race Driver: GRID, a BAFTA award in 2009, was established on the basis of an updated version of the engine EGO Game Technology Platform. Entertainment, realistic damage model, advanced artificial intelligence function to return in time Flashback, which is followed by Race Driver: GRID was used in other racing games genre - continuing the best traditions of the original, GRID 2 raises the bar of virtual racing to new heights.In GRID 2 is a vast fleet of vehicles, which collects the legendary past four decades. Choose the iron horse and fight your way to fame of world motorsport, having won many tracks in different parts of the world - from Paris to Abu Dhabi, from Chicago to sunny California. Show off your skills on the streets of cities recreated in detail, licensed tracks and mountain roads. Take part in the World Series Racing - a series of competitions for the title of the world's best riders between the pilots, virtuosos of the most famous clubs, specializing in various disciplines, including track racing, drifting and street racing.

The game has become better race brighter, more cars.
Firstly the car appeared small settings, but it's good to choose a wheel on your muscle car.  In the second graph, it was just awesome, and want to drive, drive and drive. GRID 2 has many new features, such as adding a video to the server YouTube, it's very fun to show what you can do.
And much more!

On the shelves of all the world - GRID 2.