Lamorghini Gallardo LP560-4 Final Edition - DOWNLOAD

The model is exclusive to and !

Author of model: EA [NFS Series]
 Author of converting in GTA IV: Ross

Lamborghini Gallardo ( Lamborghini Gallardo ) - a sports car , produced by Lamborghini c 2003 . The smaller size and power of the model compared with the Lamborghini Aventador ( previously - Lamborghini Murcielago). Presentation of the car took place at the Auto Show in Geneva in March 2003 . Today it is the largest mass model from Lamborghini - for 2 years has built more than 3,000 cars (compared to 11 years
Production was established in 2903 car model Lamborghini Diablo).
The base model price - from $300,000 . 
Positioned as a competitor to the Ferrari 458 Italia ( previously - Ferrari F360 and Ferrari F430)

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560- 4 - on the track Top Gear.
On the track Stig test the machine . The main criterion for evaluation, the lap time - this is the best of several attempts, the time
in which the vehicle is running runs track Stig Top Gear.
To qualify under the heading " Best lap Top Gear» car should be in the free market , be suitable for
driving on public roads , and to be able to overcome the " speed bump ".
The results of the best circle placed on a stand in the studio «Top Gear».
Sometimes on the road in the rain or snow , so by the time the circle is credited with the weather conditions .

21. 1:19,5 - Lamborghini Gallardo LP560- 4

Features of the model [Final Edition]:
- Supports all major features of the game
- Support vehicle vinyls
- New texture dirt
- New settings
- Factory color palette
- There is 3 extras
- A car painted in 3 colors
                 CLR: 1 - body
                 CLR: 2 - Cales
                 CLR: 4 - Salon

- 2 versions of wheels

Model weight:
-. Wft 1.6 MB;
- .wft[wh2] 1.6 MB;
-. Wtd 1.07 KB.

Replaces: any car


NFS Paintjob
Special for Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Final Edition