1989 Chevrolet Caprice v2.0 - DOWNLOAD

1989 Chevrolet Caprice v2.0 by Carface (bigfoot2003), Ross [BloggerRoss]

Author of model: Carface (bigfoot2003)
Author of converting v1.0 in GTA IV: Carface (bigfoot2003)
Author of converting and improvements v2.0: Ross [BloggerRoss]

v2.0 - Ross [BloggerRoss]
- Supports all major features of the game
- Setup the camera, drive and fire
- Support vehicle vinyls
- New handling.dat and vehicles.ide
- New textures seats [Carface (bigfoot2003)]
- NB sits evenly and holds hands steering wheel
- Fixed dirt
- And other minor fixes 

Thank you very much to the creator Carface (bigfoot2003)!!! by Ross