Mack Pinnacle CHU - screenshots part 2 [Special for GCU Car Pack]

Mack Pinnacle CHU

The history of the brand (Wikipedia)

In 1988 he presented a series of multi-purpose commercial CH. Then Mack E7 presented a series of 12- liter diesel engines. CH installed on engines of 275-454 hp . s. Trucks are going to CH -speed version
haul tractors with 6x4 in the embodiment of heavy construction c three rear axles. It has a very
comfortable and well-equipped cabin with aluminum ribs of steel and alloy materials.
Distributed version of dump trucks and uglevozov . Depending on the specifications, vary in appearance CH
the position of the front axle. There is a version with a shifted spine forward (set forward) and back -shifted (set back). Cars are available with full-time, and with a sleeping cabin.

Since 2005, the version of the CH axle-forward -shifted forward the front axle has been upgraded and became called Pinnacle CHU. The car retained the classic look of CH and externally differs only emblem MACK, which like Pinnacle CXU become much smaller and moved to the side of the grille .
The car is equipped with the same engines MP7 and MP8, and that Pinnacle CXU capacity of 325-485 hp
In general, the technical stuffing with a shifted version of the forward front axle is identical to the version Pinnacle CXU shifted back to the front axle. 
There are versions with daytime and sleeping cabins ( 3 sizes ) . Only embodiment axle-forward available a special top version Pinnacle Rowhide Edition. It is distinguished by all sorts of chrome accessories Exterior (exhaust pipes, gas tanks , bumpers Texas Style, steps etc.) that plated instrument panel, leather-wrapped steering wheel, seats in two-tone colors.

Author of model: Mixan_Dok
Author refine and convert to GTA IV: Ross [BloggerRoss]

Soon, in the GCU Car Pack!!!
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