Roman's Taxi - special GCU Car Pack.

Chevrolet Caprice  - American full-size passenger car produced a division of GM Chevrolet as a model from 1966 to 1996. In 1965 there was a grade model Chevrolet Impala - Chevrolet Impala Caprice, the next model year dedicated to independent line of cars «Chevrolet».

Original Author of model: Carface (bigfoot2003) 
Author of converting v1.0 in GTA IV: Carface (bigfoot2003) 
Author of converting and improvements Roman's Taxi: Ross [BloggerRoss]

- Supports all major features of the game 
- Set up the camera, shooting and driving 
- NB sits smoothly and holds hands behind the wheel

Soon in GCU Car Pack - this will be the new ...