My new games style, i love this world!

Over the past 5 years I have played many games. Constantly upgrade the system. But I realized one thing. I'm a fan of GTA, a fan of the game of freedom, not just one game can not give you that - that may GTA ...

But perhaps most importantly, it's the fans who are constantly modifying GTA 4, from one year to demonstrate their devotion to fan the franchise and continue to delight excellent mods, and yes today the game world GTA 4 can afford it! I would like to mention one website, it is already known throughout the world, it's Boris Vorontsov create ENBSeries think without his service, we would not have seen this excellent picture.

But most importantly it is cars, many cars now many developers make a huge mistake to put more emphasis on sports cars and cars clean oil on the back burner. So in this game you can make the muscle gaming world, and it's very cool!