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Read, this interesting!

This is the best I've ever seen!

On this beautiful engine, I saw a lot in terms of, videos, short films, trailers, and so on ... but it !!!
Praise and glory to this man, I'm a longtime fan of the games in this series. From the time of GTA 4, I have been tracking YouTube down and down, and I am very happy to see interesting videos, I like it, I can’t help it))
But this video, the film is so great, in terms of everything, this is the best, in terms of tricks, races, shootings, dramatic scenes. In all aspects, this movie is exciting.

He is not the best, he is excellent!
Recently, the world of cinema films plan cars, action films was not very. Consumer time, nothing can be done about it, stamped quantity and not quality. I loved the Fast and the Furious, I stayed true to the love of this film, I still watch it, but unfortunately for me he died with Paul Walker.
Now it’s just an action movie, not just as much as the Need for Speed ​​that has slipped along with the Fast and the Furious in recent years!

You say, I do not see a connection with this all, I will tell you one thing, here it is the perfect movie of love of a car and a person, I think everyone should see it!

- Father
- He saw one imported car and fell in loveded ...

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The author

Finally! Part 1 of my "Overheat" Movie is Done! Whole movie is 1h 40min. Finished nearly all the scenes, now just editing to be done. Will be 4 parts in total. Enjoy the action! ;) I don't often tell you to Like & Share the video but if you can, please share this big Project of mine. Thanks!

To be continued ...