Overheat - GTA V Movie [Part 2 / 4K / Vucko100]

The sequel to an exciting action movie. After the first part several hours passed, in the center of the picture are two friends who brought the race together and the love of cars ...
In the new part we learn new details of the confusing history.
Jack masters the new style of driving in inexpensive
At the end they quarrel, Jack uncovered new details of his mysterious rival named Kaito.
Between Jack and Kaito is more than a race !!!

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-First of all thanks for supporting my Overheat Movie and wanting the story to continue, so here's the Part 2! Enjoy and please share this movie to others. Seeing views grow fast gives me more energy to work on the next part! :D 
-Lastly English subtitles are added and available to use. Other languages will be available soon aswell.

To be continued :