Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 '2013 Need For Speed Edition - preview, screenshots, coming soon!

FORGIATO - the company was founded in 2002.

Wheel manufacturer designed for the most demanding customers . Experts of the company Forgiato combined to create their unique collections of jewelry craftsmanship and high technology , using the production wheels only quality materials from the United States . Forged rim and the central part of the wheels Forgiato, considerably facilitate the design rim and increase its durability .
Forgiato offers a wide range of designs , sizes from 19 '' to 26 '' wheels and coatings for various brands of cars .

Disk collection of Forgiato - an association of unique design , quality and the latest design technologies.

Shelby Mustang - a high-tech version of the Ford Mustang, Ford- manufactured th from 1965 to 1970 . Shelby Ford Mustang series were modified by Carroll Shelby and sold under the name Shelby GT with logos Shelby Cobra. Since 1968, the model became known as the Shelby Cobra GT. Ford helped its production capacity to compete with the Corvette ( in the same way supported Chevrolet). In 2007 , following the submission of the fifth generation Ford Mustang, Shelby name was returned for a new high-performance versions of the Mustang. Available in two variants - GT500 and GT350. GT350 is available with both the compressor motor, and atmospheric. Weight Shelby GT500 2011 model year are approximately 1735 kg .

We Shelby own atmosphere!

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